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Qtyn. Particulars Rate per piece
  School - College Stationery Products List  
  Financial Calculators  
  Xerox Paper / Print out paper / Computer paper
(Quality: 60gsm, 70gsm, 80gsm, ledger, executive bond and in different size)
  All Types & Size of Office Print Out papers available  
  Ready TO USE Rubber Stamp Kit  
  Rubber Stamp for Numbering & Date  
  Common Seal Making  
  Rubber Stamp Making (Computerised Nylon Rubber Stamp)  
  Name Plate Making (Plastic, Metal etc.)  
  Account Books (Account Registers)  
  April To March Account Books  
  Diwali To Diwali Account Books  
Qty. Computer Stationery, Printer Ink & Consumables Rate per piece
  Computer Paper

Size:        6 inch, 80 columns (10'x12') & 128 columns (15'x12')
Quality:    60gsm, 70gsm, 80gsm, ledger, executive bond
Copy:       I part / II part / III part
  Computer File (15x12 & 10x12) (80 columns & 120 columns)  
  Inkjet Cartridges : HP, EPSON, Canon, Brother, Samsung (color/black)  
  EPSON Original Ink (color:- black)  
  HP Original Ink (color:- black)  
  Laser Printer: Toner Cartridges  
  Inkjet Cartridge Refilling & Ink Toner Refilling  
  Key Board (Logitech, Microsoft, Samsung, iball etc.)  
  CIRCLE Keyboard (White Key with Black Base)  
  Mouse / Laptop Mouse (PS2, USB, Wireless, Gaming)  
  Pen Drive (SanDisk, Sony, Transcend, Kingston, iBall etc.)  
  Blank DVD / DVD RW (Moser Bare, Sony, Samsung, Imation etc.)  
  Blank CD / CD RW (Moser Bare, Sony, Samsung, Imation etc.)  
  CD/DVD Drive Head Cleaner  
  Data Cartridge  
  Floppy, ZIP Drive  
  Power cable, Printer cable, RJ 45 Cable  
  Mouse and Keyboard converter (port converter)  
  Connectors / USB Connectors  
  Computer System Safety : Spike Guard  
  Printer Legs  
  CD / DVD storage Box / Folders / Wallet  
  CD / DVD courier Envelopes  
  Computer Speakers (2.1ch, 5.1ch, 6.1ch etc)  
  Computer Headphone / Earphone with Mick  
  Antiglare Screen  
  Papers : Glossy Paer, Coated Paper, Photo Paper, OHP Sheets  
Qty Office Stationery's Rate per piece
  Digital Diary  
  Gift Pen Set  
  Golden Pen Stand  
  Piano Folder  
  Ball Pens (Rs.2 onwards) / Ball Pen Refills  
  Pencil Rubber / Ink Rubber  
  Scale (Plastic, wooden and Steel)  
  Fevistick (Gum Stick)  
  Gum Bottle  
  Stamp Pad (Ink color= violet, black, red, green)  
  Stamp Pad Ink (Ink color= violet, red, green)  
  Stapler (machine) (small, medium, big, heavy, large)  
  Stapler Pin (NO: 10/24x6/)  
  Stapler Pin Remover  
  Punching Machine (double/single/Four Hole - small, medium, big, heavy, large)  
  Paper Weight (glass/metal/plastic)  
  Tachni Pin (size= regular, medium, big) (Type: regular, deluxe, rust-proof)  
  Special Head Tachni Pin (NO more finger injuries or pain)  
  U clip, V clip (regular, medium, big) ( regular, plastic coated, plastic)  
  Fax Paper Roll  
  Typing Carbon / Plastic Carbon / Electric Carbon / Double Side Carbon  
  Writing Carbon (violet, black, red, yellow, white)  
  Black Board Chalk DUST FREE / DUST LESS (white, red, blue, green, yellow)  
  for correction : White Ink / white ink pen / white tape  
  Typing Machine Ribbon (black/red-black) (cotton/nylon)  
  Box File / Voucher File (regular/medium/heavy/plastic)  
  Spring File (regular/medium/cobra/heavy/plastic coated)  
  Cobra Spring File (heavy duty)  
  Files / Folders Executive Series Office/Business Files  
  Pencil Sharpener (regular, medium, table sharpener)  
  Pen Stand (with OR w/o calender)  
  Tea Coaster  
  Duster - Table/Floor (white, yellow / small, big)  
  Marker Pen (fluorescent - yellow, orange, pink, green)  
  Marker Pen (blue, black, red, green)  
  Marker Pen - Permanent Ink (blue, black, red, green)  
  Sketch Pens (color shade= 6, 12, 18, 24, 36, 48)  
  Scissor (mini, small, medium, big, heavy duty) (tailoring special / zig zag scissor)  
  Post IT (for Quick Notes/Instructions)  
  Cutters (very sharp) (small, medium,big - with plastic or metal cover/handle)  
  Full Scape Paper (ruled or plain paper)  
  Scotch Tape (invisible tape, do not leave gum mark)  
  Touch & Go (ink remover)  
  Telephone Diary  
  Visiting Card Album  
  Visiting Card Case  
  Writing Pad  
  Envelopes (white, brown, printed, cloth and/ with window in different Size)  
Qty. Plastic/PVC File & Folders Rate per piece
  Transparent Punch Folders (different size & quality)  
  One Side Transparent File (A4 & FS size)  
  Patti File (No punching requires to file)  
  "L" Folder (transparent / non transparent)  
  Folder File (with / without welcrow) (6F, 12F, 18F, 24F, 36F)  
  Folder File (with chain) (6F, 12F, 18F, 24F, 36F)  
  Plastic Folder (with welcrow - bag type)  
Qty. Packing Material Rate per piece
  Rubber Band (regular, nylon, black in different Size)  
  Cello Tape (transparent & in various size / length)  
  Brown Cello Tape (in different size & length)  
  Cello Tape (red, black, white, green & in different size / length)  
  Disco Cello Tape for Decoration (in different size & length)  
  Masking Tape  
  Electric Tape / Wire Tape  
  Double Side Tape / Foam Tape  
  Paper Tape Brown paper with pre-gum  
  Sealing Wax (for Seal)  
  Araldite, Fevicol, Fevibond, Stick Fast, Fevi Kwik etc.  
  Marking Ink for: Goni, plastic bag, Paper box, Wood box, Cartoon, Metal etc.  
  Marking Ink - Metal Marking Ink  
  Marking Pen : silver, gold, green, red, blue, back ink  
  Fevicol Tube/Bottle - MR (10gm, 20gm, 50gm, 100gm, 150gm, 200gm, 250gm, 500gm, 1kg)  
  Brown Paper / Pink Paper / Design Paper / Transparent Foil Paper / Metallic Paper etc.  
Qty. General Products Rate per piece
  Notice Board :- White Board / Black Board / Velvet Board  
  Board Stand:- White Board / Black Board / Velvet Board  
  Architect Grid Note Book  
  Black Board (Calendar Style hanging / folded)  
  Black Board / White Board Duster / Magnetic Duster  
  White Board Cleaner & Regeneration Solution/ Liquid  
  Tissue Napkin / Tissue Paper Roll  
  Name Plate : Acrylic / Metal / Engraved / Emboss  
  Name Batch : Acrylic / Metal / Engraved / Emboss  
  Lab Coat (uniform - white/Blue)  
  Table Ring  
  Magnifying Glass / Sheet  
  Magnetic Compass Directional Magnetic Compass (hoka yantra / disha suchak yantra - for vastu direction)  
  Measure Tape (height, width, length measurement)  
  Price Machine (with date, year & batch code)  
  Scotch Tape - invisible tape  
  Glue Gun Machine (with free glue stick)  
  Clip Board / Exam Board (simple, polished, pvc, acrylic, sunmica, steel)  
  Drawing Board - wooden  
  Office Bag  
  Key Pouch  
Qty. Income Tax / VAT / Excise Forms - Registers - Challans Rate per piece
  Tax Invoice of Excisable Goods  
  Annexure IV Account Book Stock Register Of Goods Sent For Processing / Job Working  
  R. G. 23 Part I Stock Register Of Goods Sent For Processing / Job Working  
  3A   12A   PF Register  
  Income Tax Ready Reckoner  
  IT / VAT / Excise / Central - State Tax Rules & Act Books  
  Excise Forms / Challans / Register  
  ESIC, EPF Forms, Challans, Accident Registers etc.  
  IT Forms & Challans  
  Time Sign Muster  
  IN OUT Muster  
  Teachers Attendance Register  
  Fee Register  
  RG 1 Daily Stock Register  
  ESIC Form 37  
Qty. Housing Society Products Rate per piece
  Bill Book  
  Receipt Book  
  Cash / Debit / Credit Voucher  
  Share Certificate  
  A.G.M / E.O.G.M Register / Minutes Register  
  O, I, J, Share Register  
  Rent Register / Investment Register / Sinking Fund Register  
Qty. Bill Book, Registers etc. Rate per piece
  Duplicate / Triplicate Bill Book (Plain / Printed)  
  Delivery Challan / Cash Memo / Receipt Book / Invoice Book / Measurement Book  
  Account Registers (Also available with Red Canvas)
Types : Ruled, Petty cash, Double cash, Ledger index, 8 columns (Full & 1/2 size)
Pages : 70, 140, 210, 280, 350, 420, 490, 560, 700, 840
  Collection Book / Bank Pass Book (with Fancy canvas available)
Size : No. 5, 6, 7, 8     Pages : 96, 144, 188, 288, 388 (Regular, Deluxe, Premium)
  Rent Receipt Book - Bhada Pavati (English / Marathi)  
  Promissory Note  
  Muster Register / Monthly Muster Register / M.C.W. Register  
Qty. Special Papers Rate per piece
  Tressing Paper / Japan Tressing Paper (for Blue Prints, DTP)  
  OHP Film / Sheet  
  Ammonia Print Paper Roll  
  Hand Made Paper  
  TK Sheet (Indian, Japan - All Size)  
Qty. Pen / Pencils Rate per piece
  Rotring Products : Isograph drawing pens/ink, spare points, Pen Pencils & Pencil Leads (Made In Germany)  
  Tehcnical Drawing Pens : Rotring Pen (Made In Germany), Pilot DR Drawing Pen (Japan)  
  Rotring Ink, Rotring Stencils, Rotring Permanent Markers  
  STAEDTLER Brand : Pen Pencil, Eraser, Pencil Colors  
  Parker Pen, Refills and Ink  
  All Leading Brand Pen, Refill and Ink Available  
Qty. Office / Housing Society / Mandal Functions Rate per piece
  Volunteer Badges  

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